January 11, 2014

Cheetah Sync, Wireless and Effortless Transfers for Android

Cheetah Sync, Wireless and Effortless Transfers.
Cheetah Sync is a wireless syncing application that allows you to sync files from your android device
with a folder on your computer. Select a folder on your computer, as well as your Android device, then
Cheetah Sync will keep the files in sync on both. Sync whatever you want from pictures, documents, or
music and videos with no cloud needed and no storage limitations.

Score: 4.3 (1,008 users).
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December 11, 2013

November 19, 2013

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne for Android is a complete new version of the loved and success game series. Enjoy driving your dream car while racing the best driver online or on device. The races take place in 9 different locations from Venice, to Iceland and Nevada Desert.
The bad thing about is that in the beginning you should drive with suck car and you can't reach most of the locations until you earn money by competing other driver and win races. Or you can buy point with real money.

Score: 4.3 (154,692 users)

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October 5, 2013

Save the Snail for Android

Are you tired of angry and bad birdy piggies or too bloody and violent shadow machine-guns zombie killers? No offense, I like this kind of game, but the thing is that sometimes one needs a rest of huge, bombastic and epic stories. In other words sometimes has to everyone chill-out, turn off the lights, signal and rest for a while.                                                           
This was probably the way of thinking in Alda Games where was created the game titled as Save the Snail. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics without bombastic and noisy effects but with colourful shiny environment evokes calmative atmosphere.
Despite this, the story of game is not so peaceful – snails are in permanent danger and the player is chosen one who has their destinies in his/her hands. Snails are surrounded by many sophisticated and deadly traps so you have to find out the way into the safety. Also the skies are burning thanks to scorching sun. Its heat is also fatal for snails. As well as hell caused by falling rocks.
Game-play is very simple and easy to learn. You have to move objects like buttons, salt-shaker, cheese or pencil move from side to side and when you are sure about the object position, just leave it to fall. Even small kids under the 5 years can understand it.
More difficult are some levels. First stages are very simple, one can think of alternative to the tutorial. But from level to level is situation harder and harder.
Just make long story short, Save the Snail is great option for relaxing in casual psychics puzzle way.

Score: 4.4 (611 users)