May 5, 2014

Twist the Rope for Android

«Twist the Rope» – Magic Knots from Pirate Cook 
Twist the Rope for Android is a fascinating game for all those who are fond of interesting, complicated and twisted brain-teasers. Notably, the word “twisted” is used in all senses, because the player has to undo the most difficult sailor’s knots! 

 Plot of the Game
 Tied by Pirate Cook, the knots will put at a stand even the experts who know a lot of brain-teasers and challenging tasks. The game becomes even more difficult because of the time limit: to pass each level the player has just one minute. That means there are only 60 seconds to watch every knot, understand the way it has been tied, and loose the rope. In the first instance, it seems that the game is quite simple and easy to understand. But each level makes the player see that Pirate Cook actually knows the ropes! The knots become more twisted and complicated; you will have to undo several catchy loops at once, thinking over every movement of your hands. Indeed, if you pull the rope at an inopportune moment the knot becomes tight again!

How to Play
The perfect visuals of the game will please any gamer appreciating Android apps. The player can consider every knot in all its bearings, estimate its difficulty and think over his operating procedure. After he has “fingered the brain-teaser over” the player starts to undo the knot. For that end, he has to pull the chosen part of the rope, drawing it out of the numerous loops. No extra buttons and complicated system of controls! What you have to do is to touch the necessary part of the rope, move your finger in certain direction – and the rope will shift to the place where the player wants it to be! Taking into account the time limit, such easiness of game controls can’t but please the players! It should not go unnoticed that the format of the game is also excellent: the producers of “Twist the Rope” tried their best to create a real mind-teaser – serious, laconic, with some humor. When passing the levels, the player doesn’t get distracted by anything: the dark background is sole-colored, the curves of the rope are bright, well-defined and there is nothing more to divert him. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it will be easy to play and undo the magical knots of Pirate Cook! First, the tasks seem quite easy and you even have some extra time. But soon you notice that it becomes more and more difficult to pass the levels. The issue is not about the complexity of knots: the time limit does not let the player examine the knotty rope for a long time or make mistakes. You will have to act quickly, distinctly and thoughtfully – this is the only way to beat Pirate Cook!

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April 26, 2014

Crash and smash for Android

The revenge of tailed. Act a part of an impudent cat and bring discipline to the owner’s house!
An unfolding conflict between cat’s owner and his catchy pet is a cause for the habitual jokes. Suffice to recall popular comic strip about Garfield, where this fatty tames his owner with the true equanimity of cat. However, usually viewer watches the tricks of an artful animal extrinsically. Game «Crash&Smash» offers users to assume the similitude of the “whiskered and striped” on their own and get into mischief in the house to make the air full of dust! Delightful prospect, isn’t it? Sure! But, according to assurances of those players, who have already tried this simulator, it is not possible for the protagonist to fulfill the dream of all cats and do dirt to the owner’s slippers. Well, some decencies in this game world must exist!

Let’s play “cat and mouse”
What tricks can be done by the fluffy protagonist of this amusing application? He has two forefeet and he is ready to throw off and crash all things that pass on his way. Are there any important documents and rare books to be turned into pile of waste paper? The cute pussycat will do this with its claws in a matter of seconds. Is there a favorite owner’s flowerpot on the top of a case? You can forget about it because there will be no mercy for the unlucky plant. Well, and an empty kefir bottles, which sound so much fun and roll over the floor, will also never be rejected by the pets!

The early-arriving landing troops of cats

This game is in 3D. Though its graphics is not top, users become addicted to it from the first round. If a player wants, he can travel to kitchen or bathroom to bring these places in compliance with his own idea of beauty. Gameplay itself is instinctively clear and simple. During one minute you have to move as many things as possible from one place to another. Some things lie under the cat’s foot, but it is necessary to hunt for the other things, e.g. to jump from table to window sill or to get under ceiling. Taking into account the little time for thinking, player will have to think out the line of march, which will be used for moving, or improvise quickly responding to any changes of situation.

The crime is severely punishable by… a wisp
Each stage of game ends the same way. An owner enters the room, which thanks to your activity is more like battle zone, and he… let’s say… is amazed by what you have done. You can see his emotions in funny pictures that are made in comic strip style and appear when the playing time is over. Developers have rationally omitted to use the voice guide and it is not surprising because not only oldsters can play this game, but also users of the younger generation.  

January 11, 2014

Cheetah Sync, Wireless and Effortless Transfers for Android

Cheetah Sync, Wireless and Effortless Transfers.
Cheetah Sync is a wireless syncing application that allows you to sync files from your android device
with a folder on your computer. Select a folder on your computer, as well as your Android device, then
Cheetah Sync will keep the files in sync on both. Sync whatever you want from pictures, documents, or
music and videos with no cloud needed and no storage limitations.

Score: 4.3 (1,008 users).
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December 11, 2013